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Establish Your Landmarks - April 10, 2011

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I sit on the circle of the earth and I look down upon it. And I am glad that you are talking about the landmarks - the spiritual landmarks that I provided. I want you to see that all of those things are very important. They will keep you in line. They will keep the place that you need to have because you will see them, and you will revere them, and you will remember them and that will keep you in the way that you need to go.

I want you to establish landmarks in your spiritual life. I want you to reach out and make a new place. And make a mark for that so that you might remember what I have done through you and to you. I am your mighty God. I want you to grow. I want you to come into perfection. I want you to lean upon me and see what can be done through your life.

Remember what I have done. Remember the landmarks. Do not move them. Do not destroy them. But remember them and know that I will always be there. Those landmarks will always be there.

You can trust in me. You can trust in me for salvation. You can trust in me for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. You can trust in me to heal. You can trust in me to provide for every one of your needs. Remember the landmarks and remember the things that I have done because I change not. And they will always remain the same because I am your mighty God and I look down upon you.

Just worship me because I will always be there for you.