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Eternity - January 30, 2022

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday Morning Service

I have every day of your life in My hands. I have them counted. I know what they are. I have given them to you. And I want you to rejoice. I want you to work hard for Me because you have a purpose. I haven't just put you there to wander and be sad. I have put you there to be My children on the earth.

Someday I'm coming back for you and you will see that you were in this preparation time and it is for eternity. Everything you do is for eternity. And know that you will be rewarded. I see what you're doing. I see your prayers. I hear them. I have not forsaken you. But know that you will be rewarded and I love you. I have a place for you. I'm not dead. I'm here. I'm alive and strong and well.