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Expansion - October 20, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

So there was this circumstance - you know, fill in the blank - cause we all have our circumstances. And it was like, it was like looking me right in the face and I sensed this nudge of the Holy Spirit and He said,

"Look higher"

and I'm thinking OK, cause I'm looking at this thing right in the face, OK,

"Look higher"

Um - and He said,

"Look further, look further than what's like right in front of your face."

And He has taught me before like

"Look out at the horizon."

and we live kind of in the hills and on this hill, I love sitting early in the morning and the sun comes up and the way it's situated, the darkness recedes from this hill across from us. It's like all dark and the darkness recedes, light, light, light until our house is lit up. So He said,

I've taught you to look at the horizon and now I'm saying look beyond the horizon."

I remember being out at Walter's place and if you look way out you can see the Big Horns - I believe is what that is. So it's like OK here's what that is. Wow, you're looking at the horizon and He's going

"Look further - look out on the next horizon."

And then He said,

"Go deeper. You've gone deep with me, now go deeper, go wider, go longer."

He said,

"You have experienced me, but experience fuller, much fuller."

And He said,

Many times what you see is a distraction. Like, look around that to what lies behind it and what is hidden behind that.

So a distraction can be the shout of the enemy, the circumstance, the disease, the finances. He's like look behind that. There's something hidden there.

And later in the day, He gave me the word


so I looked it up and it means - you probably know what it means, but it says the process of enlargement, an increase of something in size, in scope, in numbers and it's also to do with a territory thing. When we acquire more territory, like a country's size increases as they acquire, buy whatever more territory and He's talking new territory to us and that can mean a lot of things. He's expanding the territory like when He says expand your tent pegs He's expanding our territory. It also means dilated, enlarged, anything spread out or an expanse and stretching something out and building on. He said like, the thing I looked up said - like an ice cube, water freezes it expands, a woman is pregnant with the seed it expands until she gives birth so He's really speaking expansion and I knew it wasn't like just for me. It was for me personally, I know it's for the body as well.

Jeremiah 6:16 Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.

Friends we are at a crossroads today - between the obstacle, between the problem, whatever it might be and the expansion that God wants to take you. Ask for the good way and you will have it.