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Find and Fill Your Place - May 15, 2011

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service - dream description

There was this dream. I'd had one before about it. I was trying to get to this platform and I was supposed to sing a verse of a song or something.

Well this one, a couple of nights ago, it was like in an auditorium and I was weaving in and out of people and they were already starting the music and I could hear so profoundly that there was a gap that my.. the part that I was supposed to sing was not there. It was like I was supposed to be singing that part and so there was a gap in the music and you could hear the part I was supposed to be singing. I was trying and trying to get to where the choir was whatever to sing this piece.

And it's like God has been speaking to me because he just hasn't taken it away from me and so I'm just been thinking and pondering that and it's like even people as I was going through, they were looking at me and thinking you have that part! You're supposed to be singing that part. They knew also that I had that part. And so it's like I could just see that in the body as we look at one another and sometimes we can see the giftings in people but maybe they haven 't quite discovered that themselves.

It's like we're looking and it's like that part's gaping - it's like a gaping hole there or whatever and only we have that part and I've heard before about the Song of the Bride. There's this song - I've been listening to these CDs by this worship leader and there's the Song of the Bride that only we can sing our part. It's like Rebecca cannot sing my part of the Song of the Bride because only I have been delivered from the things He's delivered me from and only I have been ministered to personally the way He has ministered to me so only I have that piece of the Song of the Bride and God is drawing that out of His people and it's like Sing it! Sing what I have put in you! You know - sing your gratitude and sing your worship and your praise. As you've heard me call your name you have that one piece.

So I can see that even as I look across the body. It's like only you have that one part. And it may be missing right now. God's calling you and drawing you towards that.