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Focus on Eternity - September 25, 2011

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

Am I not your mighty God? Am I not your mighty Savior? And this is an eternal situation. This is not the problem that you see right now. I want you to see everything in the light of eternity. Look into eternity - it's forever. The needs, and the wants, and the situations that you have right now are nothing in the light of eternity. Give them to me. Everything that you have - if it's brought to me - it will be in line with eternity. Don't be short sighted. Don't be blinded by a small thing but come to me and see the light of eternity.

I say to you for eternity. I gave you everything for eternity - not for right now. Yes, right now blessings, but eternity is once to bring. Don't miss it. Bring it to me. Let everything be done with great thought that is eternal and forever. Eternal and forever.

I am the mighty God. Jehovah God. The mighty one who saved you forever and ever and ever with no end, for eternity.