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Get Strength From The Right Sources - October 5, 2014

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I would like you to consider your spiritual maturity. I would like for you to pay attention a little bit as to...

Where are you getting your food from?

Where are you getting your strength from?

I have a sumptuous table prepared for you. And I want to sit and dine with you and I want to refresh you. I want you to have the right calories. I want you to have the right foods that you need because as you leave the table you need to be strong. I have a work for you to do and you can't do it if you're stumbling, if you're overweight and you're weighted down and you're not healthy. I need you to be strong so that you can do my work and you can share my love with others.

So be nutritionally sound. Don't eat from the fast food places. Eat at my table. Sit and dine with me and eat the good foods that I have made you. I'm your creator so I know what you need. I know what your body needs, I know what your soul needs, and I know what your spirit needs.

So dwell with me and take time with me and then when you're out in the trenches you will have the strength that you need to do what you need to do.