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God... Our Shield and Exceeding Great Reward - November 4, 2012

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

You feel I am so far away, untouchable. But I am here and I am continually empowering you to do my will. You are not alone. I have not left you alone. I am here as I have promised.

Yes, my power and my plan is active in you - active in your life. Fear not! Fret not! I am here to help you and empower you and lead you. No - I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am filling you. I am strengthening you and I do never forget you. But my eyes look to and fro throughout the earth to strongly support those whose hearts are submitted and given over to me.

My thoughts are good for you. My power is strong and sufficient for you. Your fulfillment and satisfaction is found in me. I'll lead the way. I'll enlighten the path. I'll provide the provisions and the companionships you need.

Reach out to me. Be attentive to me. Look for me in every place and notice me. Acknowledge me. I am here and I will evidently manifest in your life. You will know that I am your God and Father. I bring rewards with me and pour out my blessings that you will not be able to contain. Blessings so abundant they will seem to naturally flow to others but it's not naturally that it will overflow, it is supernatural. You will glorify your God and Father and you will know me, yes know me supernaturally and you will rejoice in me and your joy will be untouchable by the world and by circumstances.

I am your shield and exceeding great reward.