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God the Healer - April 3, 2016

Faith Assembly of God - morning service - testimony

My name is ...

I would like to uh share a testimony on healing. I want to go back to 2003 - the first time I really experienced the power of God that impresses me ... I fell out of a semi truck trailer right before a load of equipment came out. I beat it to the ground. Well, I ended up with the right side of my body pretty well beat up. My head was split open. I collapsed a lung. I cracked my pelvis. Took my knees and legs out for a little while. But through the blessing - the healing power - I felt - I was in ICU for 24 hours but the minute I got there I could feel God's power healing me. Well that took me eleven months to get over which I'm here to tell you still.

Now the current ones just happened here about a month and a half ago. I had some kidney... I thought I was having some kidney problems, which I went in and had the kidney trunk dye that they do and well they spotted a couple of things well one thing in my right kidney so I thought I was going to go and have some kidney surgery so well I got all lined up for that. Well thank God that when they got in there to scope my kidneys everything was clear. God had removed everything.

Well, about two weeks ago this comin' Tuesday, my third event, I had a stroke. A blood clot came loose and went over and hit the right side of my brain then went to the left side. Well, I really feel fortunate, I know I'm blessed for that because I have my speech, I have my strength, I can walk, I can get up and I can eat and do everything like that. Now there was a young man next door to me that had a stroke. He'll never be able to walk again - he's not gonna walk, he's not gonna talk and he's 44 years old. So I really have felt the healing power of God over the last 13 years of life I've had some problems, but like the song said - nothing is impossible. So I give thanks to God and I know I'm blessed by His stripes.

That's about what I have to share with you - thank you.