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God's Chemistry Lesson - August 2, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday Morning Service

You are the salt of the Earth. I need you to go everyplace in your life and minister to those who are around you with a little flavor, with a little of whatever you bring to them. Don't be overbearing but you can change the world with this chemistry of being My salt.

There are many people who are hurting. There are many people that are burdened and are bitter but your presence can change that chemistry. So if you will stay close to Me... if you will stay in the word and stay on your knees, you will be My servants to the world. And if you will listen and just follow you will be successful. Don't turn into just a pile of white stuff and lose your savor but stay strong in Me and influence the world because no matter how strong or subtle it is, you will be doing My will.