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God's Goodness - June 19, 2022

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I am the most high God. I am your creator. I love you. You're My children. I loved you so much I gave My only Son so that you might be able to be restored to Me. And I am so anxious to watch you and see you and have you in My arms again and in My presence because of My love.

I am a good God. I don't just do good things once in a while. I am goodness. I am everything that you need. I will take the place of things in your life that have hurt you, that you maybe have not been encouraged by or you've been hurt, but I will be there and I make up the difference. I will be your heavenly Father. I will walk with you. I will help you with your problems. I will bring all of My goodness to you because I love you so very much as your Father.