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God's Justice - July 8, 2022

You pray for more works, miracles, and healing to be done in your generation. I tell you truly that I love this generation neither more nor less than any other generation.

When you look back through history at times you think were dark, it is not I who held my hand back, for I have always loved My people. I have always loved the lost. Times were dark because those who were mine chose of their own free will not to allow Me to work through them as I wanted and because of unbelief and lack of faith in Me.

I am a just God. I will work the same in this generation as I have worked in all other generations. If you want to see mighty works done as in the time of the early church, then seek how I want to use you in My work. As I work through you, faith will be increased and unbelief will fall away. If you want your generation to be dark, then don't allow yourself to be used by Me. I am just. I change not.