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Look to God for the Answers When You're Hurting - March 14, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, evening service:

My dear church, I look in your quiet heart tonight and I see some deep, deep places and know that you're hurting. I know that you have burdens. I know that you have concerns. And I would like to tell you that I see in those dark places, those deep places that you're hurting. I see where you are and I want to encourage you...

Look to me. Don't look to the right hand. Don't look to the left. Look to me because I am the answer. You can't figure it out, I don't expect you to. I just expect you to come to me and give it to me and watch and see what my power can do and you will be amazed at what I can do.

But don't think your heart is broken and you're by yourself because you're not. My Spirit can go to the deepest level and to the highest level and I will be with you. I will not leave you. I didn't start out to quit.

I want you to stay in my presence. I want you to just reach to me for comfort... to go to a new level in your faith because I have growth for you. I want you to go to a new place. I want you to go to a higher place. Trust in me. See what I will do. Give me a chance in your deepest hurts.

Give 'em to me and I will show you what I can do with those. I love you so dearly. I love you so dearly. I just wish you would see how deep my love is. I want you to see my love cause it is great. I love you deeply.