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God's Mighty Army - April 22, 2012

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My children, I call you a step higher. And this is going to happen in my unity. I call you to unity in a new way. I call you to stand along side of each other, shoulder to shoulder. Don't leave your spot. Don't believe or think that someone else can fill your shoes. I need each of you. You are my precious individuals.

You may feel that you will be lost by being in an army but that is not true. I have you on my roster. I have you in my retirement program. I know all about you and I will watch over you but as you work together and as you unify in what I have called you to do, you will see much greater things. You will see the power that can come through unity.

So I call you to look on one another. I call you to hug one another - to stand along side of each other and watch your back, watch each others back. Worship me together and work together and see what I will do. See what I will do if you will stand together.