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God's Challenge for the New Year - January 7, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I challenge you in this new year to do a new thing, to step out into a new place that you have not been before. Remember that it is not by might, it is not by power, but it is by my spirit. And so as I ask you to extend yourself I want you to be ready because I need you so that I can work through you. I want to do miracles. I want to do a new thing but I need a matrix. I need a place to work. So I am asking you to be that. Be my hand extended. I want to do new things. I plan on doing new things. So get ready for new things that I want to do through you. And my name will be glorified. Your family will be saved. Your bodies will be healed. You will see miracles if you will just give me a new place in your life and in your heart.