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God's Order - September 5, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

On the days of My creation I created things in order. I didn't just make a bunch of animals or a bunch of plants but I had order. I ordered every day to be the right day that that should be created. Everything is in order.

I created families. I created so the world could reproduce and could continue on. I am a God of order. I am not a harsh God. It's all for your own benefit. So don't listen to the world who is throwing off restraints. Who is saying they don't want law - they want their own way. It is not the right way.

You are safe in My arms. You are safe following My guide and My word and I will keep you. The way of the world is going to be destruction because you need My surrounding love. You need what I have made you to be. And so don't be afraid to follow it. Don't look to the right or the left and what the world is saying. But look to me because I am your salvation.