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Receive God's Power for Service - December 12, 2010

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

Am I not your God who is in your presence today?

I stand among you. I am here with all my power and with all my glory. With everything that you need, I have redeemed you with my love and with my blood. I want you to open up your hearts and worship me and receive what I have for you. I have so very much if you will just take it. I will heal. I will save. I will move among you. I have a job for you to do and I have the power to give you to do that job.

Trust in me and worship me. Unite your hearts and look up and see my great blessings that I will shed upon you and upon the world and I will bless this town through you. So let my glory flow through you and go on to everyone else. We just want you to see our presence.