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God's River - July 8, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

There is a river flowing from the throne of heaven down to you. It is vast. It is wonderful. It has all of the answers to your prayers in that river. It has healing. It has salvation. It has refreshing. It has everything that you need. It has the answers to your prayers - but you need to step into it. I want your faith to be activated by stepping into my river and be refreshed. Just open up your arms and let my presence flow over your spirit. Take away those hurts. Take away those dark places in your heart and open up and let me show you the healing, the salvation, the refreshing, the instruction that you might need, the help that you might need. It is all in my river from my throne. Step into it. It is there. It is ample. It is more than enough. Step out into the water and let it wash away all of the things that you are carrying. Let my Spirit take it.