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God's School - November 20, 2016

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

You are My precious children. You are in My classroom. I am teaching you. I am showing you so you can grow up and graduate with honors. I want you to see that if you are in a time out, I put you there and I want you to see why, and then when I lecture you I want you to listen. I want you to be in My Word and seek My face because that's how you will learn. There will be a time when I will give you a test and I won't be lecturing then but you won't know that I want to see what you know. I am expecting you to grow. I am expecting you to pass every class. I am expecting you to graduate with honors and be in My house. I am expecting you to be all that you can be and I will walk with you. I will give you My Spirit. There is nothing that I will withhold from you. But follow what I've shown you... follow what I'm teaching you... because I want you to grow. It won't be a great big powerful thing. It'll be a daily thing. It will be one day - one precept upon another - until you become that strong person that I want you to be.