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We Are Like Soil - January 13, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service
Description of a vision from God - first is a paraphrase.

I had an image of soil and it was like crumbling, wet. It was like the opposite of hard dry ground. And then He quickened to me 1 Cor. 3:9 I think it is and it said you are God's field. A couple of other versions say you are his field, you are his vineyard, you are his garden, and it's like the soil is just dripping wet. It's like that's like the first step - I didn't see anything planted in it - but it was like it's so tilled and so prepared and it's such rich soil.

I feel I've got a word for the youth in this body that the Lord is doing something in the youth, raising up a generation. There's a generation being moved up in the spiritual so to speak that are gonna advance. And I believe that Angela and Tod have been brought here to help advance this generation. That they are going to be holy and are going to bring something stronger into their culture.