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God's Grace is Sufficient - September 8, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I would like to talk about my grace. It is much more than just a song. It's much more than a feeling - and the highest most euphoric feeling that you feel - I am above that.

When you come home after the feelings and you're in the stark reality of your life, maybe your path is rough or maybe your path is good... my grace is still greater than that and I want you to lean upon my grace. I want you to know that it is never failing. It will always be there. It will take you to the end. It will take you to the very end of the path that you walk on.

No matter where you are... no matter what you do... my grace is there and it is sufficient. So lean upon it. Reach out and let it just be poured upon you.

Don't use it thinly or vaguely but just use it, just lavish, because there's enough. There's more than enough of my grace for you.