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God's Word For Today - Introduction

As I have thought and prayed about what God wants me to do on this site, I have been led to try to publish what God is telling His people today in the services and churches that I attend. I had a place for this on my previous iteration of, but circumstances led me from churches where His Word was commonly heard to mainline churches where the Holy Spirit isn't actively encouraged to be a part of the service.

As my family grew up, I moved us all back to a Pentecostal church. While this wasn't a particularly popular decision, it was my firm belief that my kids would be better able to handle the world with a stronger belief in the reality and power of God in a live church than a dead one. I hope that the messages that get posted here will be a blessing to those who read them.

I wish that I could accurately transcribe the tongues, but I'm not that good. You'll have to settle for the words of prophecy and interpretation. If I feel there is something else like a dream or vision that has an accurate log, I'll include that.

It is still my hope that each of His churches will choose to incorporate sections like this on their websites. If the churches in the New Testament hadn't chosen to preserve Paul's letters, the New Testament would be pretty short. The churches not only saved the words but they passed them around, even when the words weren't particularly flattering or complimentary to them. We must always remember that each message here was spoken to a particular people at a particular time. You must always talk to God yourself before trying to apply anything you read here to your own situation and time. Regardless, just as with the Bible, many words can be encouraging regardless of your circumstances.

Today, when publishing is so easy, it is sad that His Word is hidden away and forgotten. The Jewish people would have been on their faces throwing dust in their hair if God had spoken to them as He speaks to His church today, yet many in churches where the Spirit is active take no more notice of what God says to them during a service than they do the pastor.

For my part in not getting His Word out better, my apologies to you, my readers, and to you Father.

Best wishes