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Grow with God - March 26, 2017

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I have a new thing for you. I have a new thing for your heart. I want you to let the old stuff go - just like a garden - just like the plants that die. From the past, this is a new time, this is a new thing, so let everything go. Remember that all those experiences and all those hurts and all of those things that were in that and in your growth at that time can now become food for a new growth, food for something new, something fresh. I don't want you to stay the same. I want you to grow. I want you to enlarge and you can't do that until you see that I have a new thing for you. And trust me, trust me that I will take you to a new place and a higher place. I will be with you. I said I would be with you 'til the end and I have not changed my mind on that. I will not because I love you, I saved you and I set you apart. So become that beautiful growth that I want you to be. Look to me and I'll show you the blueprint. It's not hard. Just follow closely after me and you will become a beautiful, beautiful display of my love and of the things that I want in your life.