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I Did It. Can You? - June 15, 2014

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

This past week I was at camp. Um, God laid a very special image on my heart. It was a picture of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, hanging on the cross, just like He was crucified. And He looked down at me and said...

I did it. Can you?

and what that means for me is Jesus lived perfectly by God's standards. You know, He followed all of God's rules to a T. He loved everyone as we're supposed to. You know, I mean, Jesus just lived His whole life as it was meant to be lived.

And I just wanted to share that with everyone today and I want to place that same challenge to you. Jesus did it and I know none of us can be as perfect as Jesus, I understand. But I want all of us here, those of us who sit or stand silent every Sunday in church and don't sing and just listen, I pray for you and I pray you'll understand that message and take it to heart and try to live as best as you can by our Lord, Jesus Christ.