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I Do Not Slumber - August 18, 2019

Faith Assembly of God - morning service
My children, My eyes are never closed. They roam throughout the earth looking down upon everyone. Seeing what's going on, I know and I see. You may feel like I don't see. You may be in a place where there's shadows. You may be on a mountaintop. But my eyes never close. I do not slumber. I do not sleep. I see the path that you are on and I will give you light for every step that you take and I have an answer and I have a remedy for every situation that you are in. But know that I am always there. I do not slumber or sleep. I am still the mighty God. I have not been displaced from My throne. I am still in charge. I am still the Holy one. I am coming back for you. But I won't leave you until I come back.