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I Have a Job For You - December 30, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I want to remind you how very precious you are. I shed My blood to save you. I didn't save you and then leave you. I am with you.

I have a job for you to do, a duty for you to perform. It doesn't matter your age. You can use a cane or you can be on a tricycle or anything in between. I have a plan that I want you to stay in and if you will lean in to Me - don't look to the right or the left but listen to Me you will be doing My work. You may not think it is as important as the person next to you or someone you see. All I ask you to do is listen to what I have for you to do. I will bless you. I will give you the strength to do it. You don't have to do it on your own. All you have to do is just be available.

I will be with you every day of your life. I want you there. I need you. When I'm done with you I'll come and get you and take you to heaven. So all you have to do is stay close to Me. Walk in the way that I have for you and rest in My love and you will be successful for what I have called you to do.