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Do not fear... I have not forgotten my promises - December 22, 2014

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

There are some of you here today that just have an incredible amount of fear going on in your life. I have found in my own life when I've had fear, just being in His presence, thinking about Him, about His promises, it does wash the fear away. The antidote for your fear, for your anxiety, for your struggle this morning is basking in the presence of God. That's what you need. Not an answer to your prayers, but His presence in your present circumstance.

I have not forgotten the promises that I made to you. I remember every one of them. I am still answering. I am still hearing. I have not forgotten. And as you have a heartache or you have a prayer and you wonder whether I have heard or not, I remember, and I will keep my word. I keep it. I will not forget.

I still am the Prince of Peace. I still am your Savior. I am your Counselor. You trust in all those things and you will see that the promises that I have made they will come to you and I will be faithful to my word.