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I Love You Dearly - November 25, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I want to remind you how much I love you. I just want to say it again. I love you so dearly. I gave My life. I shed My blood because I love... you. And I see that you sometimes let the world start to blind you of My love. I pray that you will let those things go... that you would move them aside in your life and in your spirit... and you would just wait before Me.

Call on My glory. My power is still available to you. I raised the dead and brought the dead back to life. How much more can I do for you, for your needs and for your life? And then for your service for Me, I need your hands. I need your hearts to be extended because there are many out there who do not know My love. Let My love shine and be heading through you to other people.

But know that you are loved. Don't listen to the doubters. Don't listen to the words that make you feel discouraged but look to My great love. It is overpowering and just lavish in My love... My great love for you.