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Know the Depth of My Love for You - May 19, 2019

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I remind you of the love I had for you, for what I've done. Maybe you don't realize the depth that it could go. If you're carrying open wounds from things you did to yourself or that others did to you, I can heal them. There will only be a scar left which will be a testimony.

If you have a need you don't have to struggle because I am your provider. I will provide for you amply for the things that you need so give Me your finances. If you need healing, I don't just heal little things on the top of your skin so you can see them gone. I go to the very depth of your creation. I made your bodies. I can heal every situation. Give it to Me. Let Me take it.

Don't hold back for anything that I could do for you. Don't hold back because you are afraid. Just come to Me. Just stay in My arms. Let Me see what I can do for you. Don't live in a pauper's way when you can live lavishly in My love.

You can have everything that I have for you. Reach out and take it. It is free. You don't have to pay for it. I paid for it. Come to Me. Let Me do what you can't do for yourself.