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Lean Upon My Love - July 5, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

As My children and as My hand extended in this world, I need you to lean upon My love because you won't be able to perform it without My special love. It's above and beyond any love that you might feel - any compassion that you might feel for someone or for the job that I have given you, for the gift that I have bestowed up on you to perform for me.

I need you to rest... to increase in My love. I do not need any more sounding brasses or tinkling cymbals or noise. The world is full of noise and Satan is in all that noise.

But My power is in your hearts as My love enters in and as you are strengthened by being in My presence you will be able to be My faithful children, you will be able to perform that which I need you to do and you will be successful because you have leaned upon My love. Not upon your own understanding but by the love that I want to shed raw in your hearts.