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Leave it at the Manger - December 18, 2015

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

Would you leave your needs, would you leave your praise and your gifts at the manger? Would you let my Spirit move? I came from heaven as a baby and you are celebrating that now... but know that I am your mighty God, I am your provider and I see your need. Leave it at the manger and worship me and enjoy Christmas and all of the joy that I wanted it to bring in your spirits.

And know that I see your gifts, and know that I see your prayers and I see your tears. They are all saved and they will come forth and your prayers will be answered. Because I am your God I hear your prayers. There is not one that I have not heard. So leave your gifts at the manger. Know how very much I love you. I love you... I love you so much and I will hear and answer all of your requests and all of your needs.

Ps. 19:6-12