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Let People Hear Your Harmony - February 16, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I have written a beautiful, beautiful manuscript for you this church. I have it written out and ready. I need participants.

Each of you has an instrument. Each of you, as you come together, practiced and good at what you do, we put together a wonderful music and a beautiful sound that will be harmonized and will be blended together.

One cannot play the drum music if you play a violin. Everyone has their space. They are just as important as the other. But as we come together, there can be a mighty song come from this church, from you, that the city of Casper can hear. And they can hear the harmony. And they can be attracted because of what you do and what you do together in harmony standing one beside the other following the direction of my Spirit.

You will be a beautiful masterpiece. You can do the things that I have to do. You can play what I want you to play because my Spirit will give you the ability. So don't hold back. Gather together and let us make this wonderful song I have for you to play.