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I Have the Loose Ends - October 2, 2016

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My children, I remind you of those things that I am bringing together for your good. They haven't arrived yet. Don't worry about all of those ends that haven't been brought to you yet because they are in my control. I am working in situations that you can't see and I am doing a work that you can't see. But I have heard your prayers. They are in my heart and they are before my throne and I am addressing them. I have not passed them off or let them go. I want you to let peace - my peace that I paid my price for - my blood that I shed for you - I want you to pull that peace into those loose ends. And no matter how frazzled and how raveled they seem give them to me. Let my peace reign because I work all things together for good to those who love me and that is you and I love you.