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Love the Unlovely - February 6, 2022

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday Morning Service

My love for you could not have been any greater than it was. I couldn't have done any more than what I did. I did it all because I love you so much.

I give you My love. I spread it in your heart. And now I am challenging you to take that love and pass it on to those around you. You are what I need. You are My hand extended. This is how My love is going to show is through you.

So do not be afraid to love the unlovely because you can do it with My love. I will spread it in your heart. I will fill you with My love. I will fill you with wisdom. Everything in My name: healing, deliverance, salvation. Anything that you need is in My name and I want you to share it with the world.

They need to see My love. They're not going to see it any other way except through you. So look around. I know there are those close to you that you can love. Love extremely. Love deeply with all your heart and see what I will do through your love.