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Make Sure of Your Foundation - March 18, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I am the rock... Christ Jesus. I am that rock that your foundation needs to be built on. Check your foundation and make sure that you are in the rock. And then, when the storms come (and they do - but they pass), you will be OK if you check your foundation and make sure it is strong in Me. And realize that the storm will come and the storm will go and that I have a blessing for you.

I still heal. I still save. I still fill with the Holy Spirit. I still bless. I still provide.

Don't be thrown by the storm. Just check your foundation and know that I am victorious. I will bring you through. I have great things for you. I am the mighty God. I have not changed.

Trust in Me. Make sure you are where you belong and you will see My grace flow through you. You will see my power come from you because I am faithful to My word.