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My Attributes Cover Your Needs and I Hear Them All - October 23, 2016

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I want you to consider all of the prayer requests that you have - see a page of paper with those written down and I know that many of them are very desperate, they are very hurtful, they are very fearful; but I want you to see what a list of my attributes are and compare the two lists. I am your heavenly Father. I hold you in my arms. I see the needs and I hear those requests and I want you to bring them to me. Cry to me. Tell me. Show me how you feel in your hearts, but know that my list is long. My ways are past understanding. I have things in control. Bring them to me and see what I will do with them. Let your hearts be lifted. Let your burdens be lifted from your shoulders because my list is so much longer than yours and so much able. They are eternal. Those are eternal numbers on my list. Your needs are just temporal. But now, know that I am in charge of all things for eternity.

My dear friends, I am gracious and abundant. Please know that my love for you is complete and unabashed. In this very room I hear your cries for mercy and healing. I hear the longing of your heart being poured out as a drink offering flowing as a fountain in a river running past my feet. I hear all those secret prayers and petitions you are too afraid to vocalize. I am ever present and able to do all that you have asked, think or imagine. I hear you. Never fear. I hear you.