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My Grace is Sufficient - September 8, 2019

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My grace... It is so sufficient. It's above and beyond what your comprehension of grace is. And I want you to let go of things in your life that you're holding on to to help you with your situations and leave them and come out and just let My grace breathe upon you.

I want to rain down upon you. I want to provide the needs that you have. If it's financial, I am the God of the universe. If you need healing, I made your bodies. I know how to fix them. You need the baptism in the Holy Spirit so that you have strength and I'm so ready to baptize you and to fill you, and to give you the tongues that you can know that you have them.

I want you to be assured of My grace - that it will never fail. It will not quit. It will always be there. Don't go under something and not get the rain and not get the blessings that I want for you. Enter into it. Raise your hands to Me. Let Me rain My grace on you. I love you so dearly.