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My Love Has Not Changed - February 9, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I want to tell you how very much I love you since I died for you. I want you to feel it. I want you to remember it.

Sometimes life can get in the way. But I want to remind you that I'm your comforter. I am your helper. I will help you with whatever you have. I am your intercessor when you don't know how to pray. I will pray for you. I am your advocate before the Father. I am your stand by. I am standing beside you - no matter what. And when changes come I will be there for you. I will be your strength. I will be everything that you need. As you move along your life remember I am there. Remember my deep love. Let it permeate you. Let it come completely around you so that you are comforted and know how very much I love you.

I am the mighty God and I do not change. My love has not changed one bit. I love you. I love you.