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Yield to My Refining Fire - December 9, 2018

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

My children, I want you to yield to My refining fire. Don't be afraid of it because I am developing you, I am growing you, and I want you to become the plan that I have for you. So let Me take away and burn away those things that you may think are necessary. You may feel a little pain but you will see that there will be room for Me. There will be room for growth. There will be room for a better you.

I want you to just trust in Me. Don't be afraid. Don't fight what I want to do but let me develop you and grow you with My refining fire. It won't burn away the things you need. It won't burn away the things that you think might destroy you. It will only take away the things that need to be taken away which I can see. Trust in Me and yield to My refining fire and see what happens.