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Nothing is Trivia to God - September 19, 2021

Faith Assembly of God Church - Sunday morning service

I am the God of might and power and understanding of heart. Why do you think that I don't care about trivia? I care about everything in your life. When I came out of that tomb, I didn't come out powerless. I have power over everything and I see that if you would bring things to me I would give you a chance to have a great testimony so don't pick and choose what you want to bring to Me. Bring Me everything. I am everything. I care about the big things and I care about the small things and I will be victorious in your life. You will have a greater testimony if you see that. Open up your heart and your mind to the power of the resurrection because it is everything that you need in your life for now and forever. Remember I love you. I love you and I care about everything.