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Our Family Heritage - November 7, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

My children I want you to know that I am your Father. I want to talk to you about my spirit of adoption. I have adopted you my children to be my children. I have adopted you with full life that I have.

You have everything that I have and I will give it to you freely. I want you to trust in me as your heavenly Father and realize it is a great family heritage that you have. It is not just for your life on Earth but this is for when you get to heaven.

You will have all of my riches... all of my riches that I paid for with my blood. You are my precious ones and I want you to have it. I want you to be healed. I want you to feel my security. My arms are around you no matter what the circumstances are. I want you to realize that I will save you. I will keep you. I will fill you with the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I will answer your prayers for your children because my promises are not just to your generation but to every generation.

I am faithful. I will be the faithful one and I want you to trust me as your heavenly Father. I want you to just lean upon me and know that I am here and that I will never leave you. I will not disavow you or disown you. I will always, always, keep you my precious ones.