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Recovered Goods - June 28, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service word:

I was reading in First Samuel where the Amalakites had attacked Ziklag... where the enemy had come in and taken captive all the wives and children and taken all the spoil from them.

David came back and the city was on fire and it said they wept until there was no more weeping in them. That didn't ruin the battle. Just because you weep doesn't mean that you have a lack of faith or anything else. And the people were going to stone David.

Then it said David encouraged himself in the Lord and said Lord do I go and pursue them and the Lord said "Purse them and get everything back".

And so to me the sub theme of that whole story is David recovered all. He said he wasn't lacking one thing from what they had stolen from him. He got every single thing back. He recovered all. And I believe that is a word for this body.

Editor's note: First part is a paraphrase due to not getting the recorder turned on fast enough.