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Trust in the Lord's Long Range Plan - May 17, 2009

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

I have heard your worship today. I have seen the cry of your hearts. I see your motives, your desires, your hopes and your dreams. They have not passed by me. I see each one of them.

I've seen your heartaches. I've seen your deepest cry of your heart. I know what you're thinking. I know your thoughts. And know this, this day... that I have heard them all.

They are in my hands. They are in my care. I am watching out for the hairs on your head. I know the steps that you are taking. Some of them are heavy, but trust me to the end.

The end of the Lord is the glory. Trust in me. Reach out to me today. I have not left you. I will not leave you ever. I will be here.

This is not a short plan I have made. This is an eternal one. Let the eternal work be done in your heart, in your spirit, in your body and know that I am your hope and I am your joy and you will be victorious. I have a plan. I have a desire for you and I want you to fulfill all of it and everything that you do will be blessed by me if you follow me.

Lay aside your feelings and know that I am in charge of everything. Trust in me. I can be trusted. Trust in me for everything.

Given before a sermon encouraging His people to never stop working for Him, even when death is nearing because He will continue to use what you have done for His purposes long after it is done.