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Put Away the Games - June 9, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I just felt like this morning the Lord was saying as we were having worship practice and we were singing the song and the bridge says "and I'll dance with you till my knees go weak, and I'll sing till I can't sing anymore, and I'll lift my hands till they fall asleep, just to show you Lord you're the one I adore..."

And it's funny because this week, um, was a stressful week and you know, everybody has stressful weeks and you just seem like you're running and running and running and this thing comes up and then this thing comes up and you've gotta deal with this and you've gotta deal with this. Sometimes you just find that one vice that your like aah - I need to relax - I just need to let my mind go numb and um there's this new silly game that I've downloaded on my phone and so I go aah - if I can just have a few minutes to sit and just play my game then I can let everything go. And I said gosh God a week got away from me and I didn't get as much time with you as I wanted and as I should have.

And God said...

Instead of playing your game you should be coming to me to rest. You should be doing your devotions. You should be seeking after me. You should be doing it so much that your knees go weak, that your hands fall asleep.

And it's just so hard to fathom that... Do we do that anymore? No! We get so busy with life that we don't even do that. And we need to just take those few moments that we just have that little bit of time left out of our crazy day to just praise Him and seek after Him.