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Put Eternal Considerations First - October 18, 2015

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

My children, I want to remind you that I am an eternal God. I was, I am, and I am to come. And I want you to turn off your time clocks and I want you to get into the eternity of your spiritual life because that's where it's at. It's in eternal things. It's not in what your clock says. I want you as you pray - I want you as you believe in me - to realize that there is an eternal answer, there is an eternal future in the situation. Let me be in charge of things. Come to me. Let me love you and love me back. But rest in the fact that I have all things in my hands and it is an eternal thing that you are praying for - it's not just a for now thing. So live in the sense of eternity because I am coming back for you and you will be with me for eternity.