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Be Filled with the Holy Spirit - January 31, 2010

Faith Assembly of God, morning service:

My children I have so much for you. I need you to open up and make room for me. I am ready to pour out my Spirit on you. I want you to remove strongholds that aren't really important.

I want you to see that I have something for you. I want you to release those things and let me work wonders. I am wanting to do it. I want you to open up unto me. Let my Spirit into your heart.

I pledge to you: You will be healed. You will have your families saved. You will have your friends and neighbors saved. That is what this church is all about. But I need you to make room for me and remove the strongholds and let my Spirit flow through you.

I am so ready to fill you with the baptism. I am so ready to heal you. I am so ready to save your family. Make room for me because I want to come. I am coming back soon and I want you to be ready. I want a church that is ready and spotless and ready for me to come because I am coming soon.

Make room for me. Let my spirit flow through you now. Don't wait! This is not an option. Don't wait! Let me come into your spirits now. I am so ready to fill you. Open up to me now!