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Rely on God's Love - February 9, 2014

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I would remind you that it is the example of My love that I want you to follow. The things, the situations in your life, the steps that you take, you need love and you can't do it on your own love. You need My great love.

It's deeper, it's higher, it's wider, it's... it's greater than any of your needs. It will walk you through everything that you go through. My love is strong. It will not leave you. So lean into My love. Let it embrace you and as you love others you will find out My power is behind you to do it right. It will be agape love. It will be righteous love. It will be good love. It will be the love that that person or that situation needs.

So lean on My love because it is everlasting.

Ps. 118:16-29, 119:1-3