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See My Love For You - October 18, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I just remind you, My power in who I Am. Sometimes in the world you look around and you see bad things. But remember. I Am the most high God. I Am the ultimate and I Am on the throne. I never have to get up. I never lose My power. There's no one above Me. There are only impostors. I Am still the mighty God from eternity to eternity forever. I have given you salvation.

We are a triune God. The Spirit goes everywhere. There is no place that the Spirit cannot penetrate. There are no dark places that the Holy Spirit will not go. I want you to remember My power. Don't lose sight of it.

Remember that some day I will call your time clock and I will end it and you will enter into eternity with Me and you will see My greatness in its full glory and you will see My face. You will see Me face to face and you will realize how very much I love you.

Open up your hearts to a deeper walk with Me and see My love for you. Don't lose track in this world. Don't let the enemy keep you from the path I have for you. I have great things and I am still on the throne and I still the mighty one - the only one.