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The SImplicity of the Manger - December 8, 2013

Faith Assembly of God - morning service

I would remind you that the joy of Christmas is simple. If you will remember that the manger scene is a simple place and yet look how many years the story has lasted.

It's because of me. It's not because of all of the things that we hear, you see in your media and in your life. I want you to bring your joy to me. You can be in a very simple place or a very low place in your life - I am there. My story... my Christmas story and my coming to you is there. So rejoice in that joy.

Don't rejoice in the presents and all of the glitter and the so forth that you see but rejoice in me and share it with someone. If you see someone who thinks that their joy is on all of that stuff, bring them out of it and show them the simplicity of my love. I love you so dearly and I want you to catch it. I don't want you to miss it by all of the things that have been added. It's just simply - "Jesus loves you."