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Song of Love - March 5, 2000

Restoration Church

I have written a song of Love for you My children.
It is written in the sky,
It is written wherever you look.

My Love flows towards you.
My Love is like the beautiful rose.
My Love is like the sparkling diamonds.
The river that flows,
And the sun that sparkles upon it.
The wind that blows the dry grass,
And it waves praises to Me.

Oh, see My Love all around you.
It speaks of Me,
It glorifies Me.
All nature sings praises unto Me,
Because I Am the Creator.

This morning you have gathered as My Creation
To sing praises unto Me.
Oh, I have looked upon you,
And have seen your love towards Me.
As you have lifted your hearts and hands,
You have indeed been a reflection of My Love back towards me.
The fellowship is sweet, so sweet.

And I thank you My children,
You have blessed Me this day.
You have ministered to Me this day.
Know that your love reflected to Me has been pleasing,
And has delighted Me.