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Spiritual Vision - October 25, 2020

Faith Assembly of God Church - morning service

I address your spiritual vision today. I want you to be reminded that the Earth, the world does not see My power. They don't know My Spirit. They're not looking for it. But I want you to look even deeper. I want you to clear your eyes and your vision. I want you to polish up your lenses and I want you to see what I am doing because I am working under the radar. The world is not, but I am. And I am working and I am calling My army. I'm calling you together to work and to see what I want done. You won't hear it on television - you won't hear it, but you will hear in My small voice what I want you to do. So be ready and be willing to look and to see because you are My mighty army and you will be victorious. Someday the world will see Me, but not now. Right now you do, so work on your vision and let it be bright before My throne.